Yes, You Can Open Your Own Microschool

We provide the depth of knowledge, resources, community, and connections you need to confidently launch and operate your own thriving and innovative microschool.

The Future of Education

How Microschools are

Leading the Way

Ever thought it could be possible that a learning environment might be juuust right for each and every student? Well, that possibility is here today.

Microschools are undeniably shaking up the world of education and are breaking free from labels. If we could give you a peek inside, you’d see a personalized atmosphere, cozy class sizes, and a curriculum that dances to the beat of the individual heart  – yes, they’re real and they're completely revolutionizing the way we think about the environments in which kids can learn.

Partnering With These World Changers

Somewhere Between Homeschool and The Traditional Classroom

Bridging The Gap

The potential of these tiny communities of learners we call microschools, are the model that can bridge the learning gap.

Thanks to new funding opportunities, more support for innovative learning, and more learning tools than ever before are accessible. These are the days we CAN make learning truly tailored, socially supportive, student-driven, and genuinely about what makes each child tick.

So, if you dream of a future where you can open a school that has a beautiful balance of comfort, personalization with academic community, and a small social learning environment, we got you.

When kids feel safe, seen, heard and with a sense of belonging, they can't help but learn. Can you imagine the impact that could make on just one child you know right now? Whew, we feel it too.

"There was hope that there would be someone to walk alongside me. Someone that has gone this way before, to help me avoid pitfalls. You are the ones that will walk me through the process."

-Shanda Brown, Microschool Founder

We're here to help YOU make the magic happen

We are committed to providing you with the depth of knowledge, resources and confidence needed to open and operate your microschool

Clear Guidance

Leverage our depth of knowledge and experience to open and operate a thriving small school. Lean on group cohorts or 1:1 coaching with our team as well as digital courses.

Supportive Community

Opening and operating your own microschool can feel lonely. We are building a network of like-minded educators to support each other in your microschool journey.

Essential Resources

We are trailblazers along with you. Stay up to date and lean on our most helpful resources that will support you while you learn and grow as a microschool leader.

What Others Are Saying


I absolutely recommend this program! These people really are invested in your success. If you have a vision of how you want to make a difference in your community, this is it!


I cannot recommend Microschool Solutions enough! They were a tremendous help in providing guidance on how to scale our microschools. Their team is extremely knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I can confidently say that we wouldn't be where we are today without their expertise.


I can't even express adequately how I love Microschool Solutions. I went from being so afraid and so nervous, to opening my microschool. Their belief in me really helped me see my dream was not just a possibility but a reality.

What We Offer

Microschool 101 Online Course and Group Coaching

We provide end-to-end support from planning to implementation.

Resource Provision

Get access to our current resources to help you open your microschool and thrive as a microschool founder.

Personalized 1:1 Consulting

Benefit from personalized advice from our experienced team.

Rich Network and Community

Connect with other microschool entrepreneurs.

Continuous Support

Our relationship doesn't end at opening; we're here to walk along side you at every stage.

Welcome To The Microschool Community

Stay updated on this grassroots movement. Discover the latest tools, success stories, and innovative teaching methods that are making waves in microschools across the globe. Stay connected with Microschool Solutions.

We Are Your People

Something profound happens when you surround yourself with a community of innovators. Microschool Solutions is truly committed to co-creating and trailblazing with individuals like you.

From the very inception of the microschool movement, our team has stood at the forefront, igniting change in countless communities. We experienced this modality first-hand with their own microschools AND with supporting hundreds of microschool owners throughout the world.

Our journey began not in boardrooms, but in living rooms, backyards, and community centers. We are microschool founders always on the brink of change and who embody the belief that education is personal, inclusive, open ended and wildly creative.


Can anyone open a microschool?

There is a vetting process, but yes, if you're passionate about education, we can provide the resources and guidance you need.

How do I create a curriculum that's personalized yet meets educational standards?

Crafting curriculum might seem daunting, but it's an exciting aspect of the microschool model. We're updated on the latest educational resources available for microschools and offer guidance to ensure you're delivering an enriching experience that meets, if not exceeds, educational benchmarks. 

I'm not familiar with educational regulations. How can I ensure legal compliance?

It's a common concern! Educational regulations can be tricky, but we've guided countless microschool founders just like you through the maze of requirements. With our experience and network, we'll help you navigate and meet all necessary regulations in your region.
You're not alone in this!

I've never run a school. Can I really manage educational programs effectively?

Absolutely! Every educator started somewhere. Your passion and drive to make a difference are what's most important. Plus, with all of the new technology available for academics, there is more opportunity to focus on being the emotional supportive adult. We provide the tools, guidance, and mentorship to ensure you're set up for success as a facilitator. The program and tools available will guide the way. 

Take Your First Step And Join The Movement

We believe in shaking things up, challenging norms, and embracing the extraordinary potential of every learner. Our story is your story – a journey of educators, dreamers, and revolutionaries, united by the belief that learning should be as unique as every child.

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