Already Running A Microschool?

Join us in the new launch of Microschool Mastermind!

Already Running
A Microschool?

Join us in the new launch of Microschool Mastermind!

Welcome to the Microschool Mastermind

This is your community that thrives on collaboration, creativity, and support to help you continue to thrive as a Microschool Leader.

Microschool Mastermind

Price: $47/month

For Microschool Innovators who have already launched their microschools, we offer the Microschool Mastermind —a dynamic community of passionate educators and visionary leaders dedicated to keeping their microschool dream alive and flourishing! This exclusive community brings together like-minded individuals with a shared mission to redefine education, foster innovation, and elevate the experiences in their microschools.

Connect with a diverse group of microschool educators and founders in our bi-monthly Group Discussion calls led by experienced mentors. Collaborate and network asynchronously with members of the Microschool Mastermind in an exclusive area of the Micrschool Solutions Community Platform. As you build lasting relationships, share ideas, and gain valuable perspectives from other professionals who understand the unique challenges and joys of microschooling.

Microschool Mastermind + Workshops

Price: $97/month

Magnify your microschools growth and development with interactive and experiential learning opportunities. The Mastermind+Workshops Membership combines all the benefits of the Microschool Mastermind with the power of our transformative workshops.

Our workshops cover a wide range of topics to support you in navigating the intricacies of operating a successful, sustainable microschool. From learning models and emotional regulation to community engagement and financial sustainability, our workshops are crafted to support every aspect of the Microschool experience with proven tools and frameworks shared by our seasoned mentors and expert facilitators. You’ll gain valuable insights, innovative tools, and practical skills to empower you on your microschool journey.

Feeling the call to join the microschool movement? Let's trailblaze together.

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